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Incorrect Beliefs & Sins

Few Major Sins

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A Few Major Sins Against which We are Warned Severely

  1. To ascribe partners to Allah.

  2. To shed the blood of someone unjustly.

  3. To practice witchcraft and charms by childless women during the confinement of another woman so that the child of that woman may die while she may have a child. This also amounts to murder.

  4. To taunt or torment one's parents.

  5. To commit adultery.

  6. To devour the wealth of orphans, eg. many women usurp the wealth and belongings of the deceased husband and deprive the children of their share.

  7. To deprive the daughters of their share in the inheritance.

  8. To accuse a woman of adultery even on the slightest doubt.

  9. To oppress or persecute someone.

  10. To backbite or slander someone.

  11. To despair of the mercy of Allah.

  12. To act contrary to one's promise.

  13. To betray a trust (amaanah).

  14. To discard any fard (compulsory duty) enjoined by Allah, eg. salaat, fasting, hajj, zakaat, etc.

  15. To forget the Holy Quran after having memorized it.

  16. To speak lies to take false oaths.

  17. To swear by the name of anyone other than Allah.

  18. To take an oath with such words that the person is deprived of the kalimah at the time of death, or may die without Imaan.

  19. To prostrate before anyone other than Allah.

  20. To miss salaat without a valid excuse.

  21. To call any Muslim a kafir, or non-believer, or to invoke the wrath or punishment of Allah on him, or to call him an enemy of Allah.

  22. To complain against someone, or to hear such a complaint.

  23. To steal.

  24. To receive interest (usury).

  25. To express joy on the rise and inflation of the value of commodities or goods.

  26. To insist on reducing the price after having agreed to it.

  27. To sit in seclusion with ghayr mahrams (those with whom the observance of hijaab is necessary).

  28. To gamble. Some women and girls play certain games with stakes on them. This is also a kind of gambling.

  29. To like and be attracted to the customs of the kuffaar.

  30. To find fault with food.

  31. To enjoy dancing and listening to music.

  32. To abstain from giving advice in spite of having the power to do so.

  33. To ridicule someone with a view to humiliating and embarrassing him.

  34. To look for faults in others.

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